What is exhaust leak and how to repair it?

written by STAN Kaadan

Owner of SK Garage

An exhaust leak occurs when exhaust gases produced inside the engine’s combustion chamber leak in your vehicle’s exhaust before reaching the tailpipe. In healthy vehicles, exhaust gases are released out through the tailpipe. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for a few of those gases to leak before reaching it. When exhaust fumes leak between the engine’s combustion chamber and therefore the tailpipe, it’s called an “exhaust leak.” Exhaust leaks are problematic for several reasons. First, they will throw off sensors, which can cause your engine to burn an excessive amount of petrol. Second, exhaust leaks can pose a risk to your and your passengers’ health. And last but not least, exhaust leaks are bad for the environment because they often release exhaust gases before those are ready to undergo the converter.

There are several ways to find out whether you have an exhaust leak or not and some of the symptoms include: louder-than-normal exhaust sound, buzzing, hissing, ticking or puffing noises, vibrations, larger fuel consumption, exhaust fumes in front of car or in the car and finally, actual holes in the metal. If you notice such unusual circumstances, your first though would probably be what exactly caused it? The most common reasons are corrosion, physical impacts, poor weld, and the age of the pipes and the vehicle itself.

Repairing your exhaust system starts with identifying where the problem is. Usually, it is difficult to check for and find the exhaust leak, especially if you need to inspect the pipes. You should never touch or handle any part of your exhaust system if your vehicle has been driven anytime in the last few hours! Most often, exhaust work tends to be left to the professionals, as many of the issues are related to metal corrosion and require replacement or welding. You might be able to get away with replacing some bolt-on parts, but budget-friendly suggestions are only temporary fixes that will eventually need to be addressed at a later time. The best thing to do in case of an exhaust leak is to take your vehicle to a garage with professionals that can weld in a new section of pipe or component to make sure your exhaust system is leak-tight.

Exhaust leaks can be very dangerous. Those are not only bad for the environment, but they are hazardous for your health, so in case of a problem, donโ€™t waste any time, take your vehicle to the exhaust shop and let the experts do their job.

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