Will a custom exhaust void my warranty?

written by STAN Kaadan

Owner of SK Garage

Custom exhaust systems are not only designed to fit perfectly to your vehicle’s specifications but also to provide it with good operation in the widest possible range of driving conditions. Bespoke tailpipes will most probably meet your expectations when it comes to better engine sound, better performance or even better petrol economy. Yet, if your vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you might be a bit cautious about leaving your automobile at the custom exhaust shop for that long-awaited boost you are seeking.

will custom exhaust will void warranty

Most often, the installation of a custom exhaust will not void you warranty, but there are some exceptions, mostly dealing with how exactly the job was done. Finding the best tailpipes professionals, the ones who will actually take care of your vehicle, is a crucial moment. If your new system is properly made, tailored especially for your car, it will not cause any damage to the other components of your car, meaning your warranty will remain intact. However, if a problem occurs, a problem that the mechanics in the garage can trace back to your newly installed exhaust, then there is a chance that your warranty, or a part of it, might be voided. This could only happen if the dealer is able to prove that the newly built-in system caused the problem. For instance, if you have delayed engagement with the transmission, which has nothing to do with your exhaust, your warranty will not be voided. But if you have some acceleration troubles it is likely that the mechanics will examine your exhaust. If they can prove that it caused the problem then the dealer would most probably make you pay for the repairs – they just want to be off the hook when it comes to replacement costs caused by something you did.

Finding the best custom exhaust shop is crucial if you want to boost your vehicle the proper way – a fitting, tailored for your car, which will not only improve your performance, but also will leave your vehicle intact.  So, start your research and hop on!

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